Catalogue -BKOOL Training Unit
Bont Pro Trainer

The Ultimate Trainer! So Technologically advanced it is Damn Kool...


- Resistance changes automatically with the course gradients

- Wireless connectivity: Communicates with your computer via USB dongle.

- Internet based: Uses BSim software - Records your Indoor sessions and shows all the data visualised in BSim. Outdoor sessions recorded by BKOOL mobile application or import them from your Garmin, Polar device or Strava.

- Upload your favourite ride via Video 0r GPS recording and then ride them with the same resistance without leaving your home. Riders can also ride other courses which other BKOOL users have uploaded from across the globe. Plus, you have the ability to view your ride via Google Earth!

- Ride stages of the Vuelta with full video footage accompanied with incline and decline resistance. There are also another 700+ video sessions to choose from!

- Create Tours and race against your friends On-Line, with multiplayer sessions up to 100 users on any track including velodromes.

- Receive Email alerts when someone has beaten your time on a course you have previously riden.

- Measures: Speed + Power (Watts) + Cadence + Heart Rate + Calories

- Create individual training plans: You can set the time objective and the target you want to achieve and BKOOL will prepare the sessions needed.

- Comes Fully assembled, Cadence sensor, Skewer, Riser block & ANT+ USB dongle.

- 3D World. Every route in the world.


- The trainer with the most features.


- Half the cost of similar trainers.


- 1 YEAR Premium membership included + 3 months for $.0.99!














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