Catalogue - Vittoria Graphene Road Bicycle Tyres

With the application of Graphene in Vittoria wheels and tyres, they have truly developed revolutionary products. Therefore, they have created a new product range called the “Intelligent Tyre System” (IT’S).


Vittoria tyres are now intelligent. IT’S compounds become harder and softer, depending on the needs of the rider. If the tyre is rolling straight, the rubber is at its hardest and offers low rolling resistance. If the rider breaks, accelerates or corners, the compounds soften and offer significantly more grip. Prior to the advanced development of Graphene, there was always the requirement of choosing between optimizing, or aiming at, speed, grip, durability and puncture protection. Effectively, the introduction of Graphene allows for natural material barriers of rubber to be removed, which means that there is no longer the need for such compromises between speed, grip, durability and puncture resistance. All these features are now reaching their maximum possibilities.

Vittoria Corsa

The world’s best-known and most-used cotton tubular tire is the best performance tire: fast, flexible, reliable and proven by millions of race kilometers, evolved.


- The world’s best tire

- 4 compounds for best speed, grip, durability and puncture protection

- Kevlar®** reinforced Corespun K for increased sidewall protection

Vittoria Open Corsa
The clincher version of the evolved world’s best performance tire pushes the limits of versatility.
Vittoria Corsa Speed

Super fast tubular for pure speed events, profiled for the latest wide-aero rims.


- The world’s fastest tire

- Perfect for wide aero-rims

- Very low rolling resistance

Vittoria Open Corsa Speed
Tubeless Corespun casing, can also be used with an inner tube. The fastest bicycle tire ever independently measured is equipped with the lightest tubeless-ready casing in the market, with a construction that is capable of self-healing virtually all punctures.
Vittoria Rubino Pro

The popular all-round tire is the best in its category with its finely tuned balance of all critical elements that make a great product. Designed for intensive training it is equally suitable for many racing events.

- The best all-round tire

- 3 compounds for best speed, grip, and suppleness

- Extra anti-puncture protection and suppleness thanks to a thicker tread


 Vittoria Rubino Pro Speed

The fastest tire in the Rubino all-round Series delivers low rolling resistance for all road conditions, making it the logical choice for a competitive edge at any time.

- The fastest all-round tire

- 3 compounds for best speed, grip, and suppleness

 Vittoria Rubino Pro Control

This new addition to the Rubino Series addresses the need for a very strong tire that is capable of handling the worst of road conditions, without sacrificing the performance the all-round range is known for.

- Strongest tire for all road conditions

- 3 compounds for puncture/cut protection, grip, suppleness

- Extra casing layer for flexible protection

Vittoria Rubino Pro Endurance

Another new addition to the Rubino Series is inspired by the automotive industry to ensure the safety of riders in the most challenging road and weather conditions, even if the temperature drops below the freezing point.


- Puncture-protection at tread center and side wall

- Phenomenal grip in all-seasons even at sub-zero temperatures

- Strong tread design with lots of mileage

Vittoria Rubino

The rigid version is constructed to deliver a long service life and counter-measures to avoid the inconvenience of punctures.




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