Catalogue - Vittoria Zaffiro Road Bicycle Tyres

Zaffiro – recognized everywhere as the training tyre for the serious rider. Rugged construction shrugs off flats, keeps on gripping in all conditions, sustains big mileages with no worries. Choice of slick or Aqua-Flow rain tread. Folding and rigid versions, great looks, and outstanding cost-per-mile make Zaffiro easy to like.

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro

The new training tire benchmark! Fewer flats, secure grip, and long tread life mean more convenience, and more uptime on the road. Low rolling resistance make long rides in the saddle a pleasure rather than a chore – Vittoria quality at a great price!


- Renewed, more modern look

- Racing inspired tread pattern

- Economical, high-mileage tire


Vittoria Zaffiro

Rigid version of the Pro (above) and 26 TPI casing.


Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick

Same slick racing tread as Rubino Pro for faster riding, in other respects – fewer flats, secure grip and long tread life – Zaffiro Pro Slick is identical to Zaffiro Pro.


- Reliable and convenient 60 TPI foldable tire

- Slick tread similar to top racing tires

- Economical, high-mileage tire for intensive, fast training


Vittoria Zaffiro Slick

Rigid version of the Pro Slick (above) and 26 TPI casing

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Tech

Unique Zaffiro tread pattern with the special wet-grip compound and dense weave sidewall protection, Zaffiro Pro Tech is the training tire of choice for winter conditions.


- Reliable and convenient 60 TPI foldable tire

- Intelligent tread design, with 20% enhanced winter grip

- Economical, high-mileage tire for challenging conditions





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