Catalogue - Vittoria Road Bicycle Wheels
Vittoria Fraxion Clincher Wheel Set

This premium, medium-profile clincher wheel set has strength and stiffness of carbon, with reliable alloy braking surface. 45 mm front rim, and asymmetric 50 mm deep rear rim. The Fraxion is the Vittoria WSR design for wider tire footprint (23-28mm) and enhanced bike performance.


-The best of both worlds: Carbon/Alloy hybrid rim


-SwitchIT® freewheel: Vittoria Ultimate hubs make tools unnecessary


-Extras: supplied with wheel bag and valve extenders

Vittoria Elusion Nero Clincher Wheel Set

The ultimate all-black alloy race clincher. These WST differential-height rims are full-black with Nero ceramic coating for spectacular looks and enhanced braking performance (special brake pads included). Wheel bag also included.


- Optimal stiffness: differential front/rear rim depths, with 16 front and 21 rear spokes


- SwitchIT® freewheel: Vittoria Performance hub makes tools unnecessary


- Improved Durability: super strong ceramic surface that lasts


- Extras: wheel bag and ceramic brake pads included


Vittoria Elusion Clincher Wheel Set

This light, race-ready alloy clincher is built on Vittoria Performance hubs with straight-pull bladed spokes, and featuring SwitchIT® freewheel for instant cassette changes. WSR profile rims are 26 mm deep in front, 28 mm at rear; rear wheel has asymmetric rim and 2:1 spoke pattern to equalize spoke tension.


- Optimal stiffness: differential front/rear rim depths, with front 16 and rear 21 spokes


- SwitchIT® freewheel: Vittoria Performance hub makes tools unnecessary


- AS rim design, asymmetrical rear rim for improved stiffness


Vittoria Alusion Clincher Wheel Set

A versatile and fast semi-aero wheel set. Alloy rims, asymmetric at rear to equalize spoke tension, built on to Vittoria hubs with straight-pull bladed spokes. Alusion offers a rigid, durable and reliable wheel fit for sustained performance usage.


- Maximum Stiffness: 32 mm deep wide clincher rims, with asymetrical rear rim profile


- Proven durability: Unique Vittoria hub design with proven durable internal parts


- Aero spokes: aerodynamic and durable


Vittoria Session Clincher Wheel Set

High-value training wheels in light alloy. Vittoria WSR wide-section rim profile is designed to optimally support the selected tire with enhanced grip and handling, and easier rolling.


- Maximum safety: 26 mm deep front and rear alloy rims


- Optimal stiffness: 20 front, 24 rear stainless-steel spokes





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