Catalogue - Motorex Cleaners
Motorex Bike Clean Atomizer

Solvent-free, rapidly biodegradable cleaner in gel form, specially suited for heavily soiled bikes. Removes all kinds of dirt that accumulate on the bike in on- or off-road use. Method of use: Remove large lumps of earth, spray on MOTOREX BIKE CLEAN, allow to act, wash off with hose or wet sponge. For optimum protection after cleaning, we recommend applying MOTOREX BIKE GREASE 2000


- Sizes Available: 500ml

Motorex Bike Clean Refil

Please see above for description.


- Sizes Available: 1L

Motorex Easy Clean

Chain degreaser. A highly active, biodegradable cleaner for chains and other moving parts, particularly effective against oily and greasy dirt. MOTOREX EASY CLEAN penetrates into the smallest crevices, dries without leaving residues and is non-corrosive. Method of use: Spray cleaner onto chain and derailleur, allow to act briefly, brush or rub with cloth depending on degree of soiling. Allow to drip off, then spray once more and let dry. The cleaner is a very potent de-greasing agent. The parts should therefore be lubricated with MOTOREX DRY LUBE or WET LUBE after cleansing.


- Sizes Available: 500ml, 5L

Motorex Power Brake Clean

Brake clean spray. Cleans and degreases all brake and clutch components. Prevents whirling-up of wear

residues from linings. Removes oil, grease, brake fluid, tar, bitumen, etc. Also suited for cleaning machines,

electric motors and precision instruments. Exceptionally high spray pressure. Does not affect rubber,

plastic or paint.


- Sizes Available: 750ml

Motorex Chain Clean 611

Highly effective cleaner for all drive chains. Effectively removes caked on residue. Excellent basis for optimum chain maintenance. After cleaning the chain, spray it with one of the MOTOREX-CHAINLUBE speciality products. Regular use of MOTOREX chain care products lengthens the life of the entire chain kit!

- Size: 500ml

Motorex Hand Cleaner Paste

Half a tea spoon will clean the dirtiest hands! Workshop grade, hand cleaning paste made with a mild abrasive and cleaning agents suitable for removing the toughest of grease and grime.


- Size5kg

Motorex Degreaser

An extremely hard working non biodegradable degreaser.


- Size: 5L



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