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Motorex Bike Grease 2000

State-of-the-art grease with excellent long-term lubricant action, specially suited for bearings. MOTOREX BIKE GREASE 2000 has excellent water-repellent properties and pressure resistance. It seals the saddle post, lubricates hubs, joints and head set, and has outstanding high resistance to oxidation and ageing. It does not attack elastomers or seals, and prevents galvanic corrosion.

- Sizes Available: 100gm, 850gm, 4.5kg

Motorex Bicycle Grease 2000
Motorex Grease 2000

Fully synthetic, multi-purpose colorless lubricant. Great protection from corrosion. Contains no silicon. Ideal for all bearing surfaces.


- Sizes Available: 500ml


Motorex Bicycle Grease 2000
Motorex White Grease

The special white lubricating grease for all two-wheeled vehicles resists ageing and has good adhesion properties. It has outstanding wear-reducing properties, stays soft even when cold, and is particularly suitable for sliding, bottom bracket and roller bearings.


- Sizes Available: 100gm, 850gm, 4.5kg


Motorex Bicycle White Grease
Motorex Carbon Grease

Is Ideal for assembling parts made of carbon and aluminium such as saddle posts, pedals brackets etc.

Provides effective protection against corrosion and makes it easy to dismantle and reassemble parts.


- Size Available: 100gm


Motorex Bicycle Carbon Grease
Motorex Copper Compound

Is a special copper compound to prevent mechanical parts exposed to high temperatures such as exhaust manifold bolts, spark plugs, brake pads and heat exchangers from seizing as a result of heat. Silencing properties, resists oxidation, protection against corrosion, good adhesion, resistant to salt water, extremely good thermal stability. Suitable for use between -40 °C (104 °F) and +1200 °C (+2192 °F).



- Size Available: 100gm

Motorex Bicycle Copper Paste



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